The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie / Sega Genesis

  • Mickey and Minnie plan to spend a fun-filled day at the circus but to their dismay all the performers have disappeared. Some unknown force has replaced them with crazy characters who are out to make Mickey and Minnie’s day an unpleasant one. And on top of that, Donald Duck and Pluto are nowhere to be seen.
  • As Mickey and Minnie search for clues, the trail leads them beyond the circus. Travel along with our hero and heroine as they explore 6 hostile levels like the Haunted House, Frozen Plains and the Jungle. Use special Safari or Western outfits to fend off the enemy and climb through treacherous terrain looking for Donald and Pluto. Hopefully along the way the happenings at the circus will begin to make sense.


Mean Machines Sega Magazine – Mar. 95

Two years ago this would have been fine. Nowadays it looks as creaky and dated as Michael Mouse himself. A senile old fart of a platformer.
  • OVERALL 66%