Silpheed / Sega CD

  • The earth-based “Grayzon” computer defense system has been ‘net-jacked’. Mankind’s future in space is in your hands!
  • This highly modified SA-77 “Silpheed” tactical fighter spacecraft is up to the challenge…are you?
  • * The best space shooter ever, with 11 fast, tough, action-filled battle stages
  • * Amazingly detailed polygon graphics and CD quality music and sound
  • * Left and right main weapons, plus choice of optional weapons system: Graviton Bomb, EM Defense System, Photon Torpedo or Anti-Matter Bomb
  • * ‘Clear channel’ voice communications from other pilots alert you to the next threat coming your way
  • * Enhanced graphics and sound, exclusively for Sega CD


Mean Machines Sega Magazine – Oct. 93

Silpheed is a synergy of the CD’s oft-hidden powers, and the archetypal nerve-jangling shoot ’em up, and it works darn well.
  • OVERALL 90%