Shinobi III – Return of the Ninja Master / Sega Genesis

  • The Shinobi master of stealth and the lethal ninja arts is back, bigger and deadlier than ever! Joe Musashi’s sworn enemy, the Neo Zeed, grips the city in a vicious crime ring. Shadow Master, a super ninja cloned from Joe’s own bloodline, controls the Zeed’s savage army of bio-ninjas. Musashi has no choice but to annihilate them all!
  • * Incredible acrobatics! Double-spin knife attacks, jump kicks, sweep kicks, somersault spin moves and sliding attacks!
  • * Musashi jumps up walls, swings hand-over-hand, gallops on a stallion and jet ski into river combat!
  • * Joe’s shurikens, swords, and fierce ninja magic counter the Zeed’s nonstop chain-gun fire, grenades and death star attacks!
  • * Over 25 furious stages with unbelievable, HUGE bosses!
  • * Real ninja sound effects and pounding battle tunes!


Mean Machines Sega Magazine – Sep. 93

A great looking game that features a superb central character, but the game is slightly lacking in originality and intrigue.
  • OVERALL 89%



Gameplay Video – Beat the Game