Sega Rally Championship / Sega Saturn

  • The Ultimate in Pulse-Pounding Off-Road Racing!
  • * Power through turns, skid out on dirt, blast through mud, grab all the air you can handle.
  • * Phenomenal polygon-based graphics on Sega Saturn deliver superb down-and-dirty racing action.
  • * Four challenging courses: desert, forest, mountain, and a bonus lake course.
  • * Four unique cars stoked with speed and traction to handle off-road racing hazards.
  • * Go head-to-head in 2-player mode.
  • * Experience thundering engines and punishing wipe-outs with Sega Saturn’s CD-quality sound.


Mean Machines Sega Magazine – Feb. 96

The completion of Sega’s new wave of games is the cherry on the cake. Brilliant stuff and definitely worth a look.
  • OVERALL 95%



  • PLAYERS¬†1-2