Road Rash II / Sega Genesis

  • Road Rashing isn’t just a sport. It’s an attitude! Road Rash II is the ultimate 2 player racing game with a radically unique split screen for distinguishing between racers. Cruising cross-country was never this hairy!
  • Spectacular new body-torquing wipe outs! More obstacles to crash into than ever before!
  • Terrorize your opponents on five new tracks, each with five different levels.
  • Swing a steel chain for some real heavy metal damage!
  • 15 brand new, lightning fast cycles! Including Nitro equipped Super-Bikes.
  • Choose to go Mano a Mano and duel a buddy head-to-head or add a pack of Rashers to make it really vicious.


Mean Machines Sega Magazine – Nov. 92

A bit too similar to the original perhaps, but Road Rash II still delivers in the fun and excitement departments. The best Megadrive road racer!
  • OVERALL 93%



  • PLAYERS¬†1-2