Gunstar Heroes / Sega Genesis

  • With the military detained and the planet in serious peril, two brothers vow to find and destroy the evil power that now threatens Gunstar 9.
  • If they succeed they shall go down in history as Gunstar Heroes. If they fail…Gunstar 9 shall perish.
  • * Explosive Two Player Action!
  • * Race through impossible mine shafts at mind numbing speed!
  • * Do battle with incredible mechanical menaces!
  • * Hang from ledges, shoot in 360 degrees and body slam the mindless minions!!!
  • Anything for the defense of the home world!


Mean Machines Sega Magazine – Oct. 93

A stunning title both in appearance and the gameplay it offers. Gunstar Heores sets a new standard for the Megadrive – for action titles at least.
  • OVERALL 93%



  • PLAYERS 1-2

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