Guardian Heroes / Sega Saturn

  • An Enchanted Sword falls into the hands of a band of young heroes.
  • Assisted by a Knight and a Golden Undead Warrior, they begin their quest to change the fate of their entire kingdom.
  • * Use martial arts, swords, magic, and muscle to battle the forces of darkness.
  • * Each character has their own unique fighting style. Customize your character’s attributes as they increase in level.
  • * All Characters can jump to the foreground, middleground, and background to evade their oppenent’s attacks.
  • * Choose over 50 different paths to reach multiple endings.
  • * Play a One or Two Player Story Mode. Or play the player vs Player Battle Mode! Use the 6Player multi-player adapter to fight with up to 6 players at a time with 45 characters to choose from!


Mean Machines Sega Magazine – Apr. 96

Awesome. Multi player beat ’em ups now have a grand master to look up to. And envy.
  • OVERALL 93%