Greendog – The Beached Surfer Dude! / Sega Genesis

  • Greendog rips into an excellent adventure. First he’s pounded by a massive wave. Then he’s snaked by an Aztec curse. His surfboard’s gone and a weird pendant is stuck around his neck. He’s beached …and bewitched!
  • Break Greendog’s curse! Thrash on a skateboard. Rip on in-line skates. Pilot Greendog’s personal pedal-copter over foe-infested seas. Search for treasures through 12 levels of dripping wet Caribbean graphics to a massive reggae beat!
  • Greendog’s curse makes every animal on earth–including tourists!–go berserk-o. Toss a killer disc to bash the squirrely enemies. Scarf energizing fries, hot dogs and sodas. Find a bone for Fetch, Greendog’s little mutt, and he’ll cool out and help you.
  • It’s totally outrageous mission. In a crazy island paradise of loony crabs, poisonous piranhas and a mutoid skeleton pirate. So crank up the tunes. And start shreddin’!


Mean Machines Sega Magazine – Oct. 92

It might look and sound like a million dollars, but the gameplay ain’t worth a dime. The lack of challenge and variety means that it only takes a day or two to complete this and become bored.
  • OVERALL 49%