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Action FighterMaster Systemarticle1986
Aerial AssaultMaster System1990
After BurnerMaster System1988
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster Systemarticle1986
Alex Kidd in Shinobi WorldMaster System1990
Alex Kidd: High-Tech WorldMaster System1989
Alex Kidd: The Lost StarsMaster System1988
ALFMaster System1989
Alien SyndromeMaster System1988
Altered BeastMaster System1989
Astro WarriorMaster System1986
Aztec Adventure: The Golden Road to ParadiseMaster System1988
Black BeltMaster System1986
Blade EagleMaster System1988
Bomber RaidMaster System1989
California GamesMaster System1989
Captain SilverMaster Systemarticle1989
Casino GamesMaster System1989
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey MouseMaster System1991
ChoplifterMaster System1986
Cloud MasterMaster System1989
ColumnsMaster System1990
Cyber Police ESWATMaster System1990
Cyborg HunterMaster System1989
Dead AngleMaster System1990
Dick TracyMaster System1991
Double DragonMaster System1988
Enduro RacerMaster Systemarticle1987
Fantasy ZoneMaster System1986
Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-OpaMaster System1987
Fantasy Zone: The MazeMaster System1988
Galaxy ForceMaster System1989
Gangster TownMaster System1987
GhostbustersMaster System1987
Ghouls'n GhostsMaster System1991
Golden AxeMaster System1990
Golden Axe WarriorMaster System1991
Golvellius: Valley of DoomMaster System1988
Great BaseballMaster System1987
Great BasketballMaster System1987
Great FootballMaster System1987
Great GolfMaster System1987
Great Ice HockeyMaster System1986
Great SoccerMaster System1987
Great VolleyballMaster System1987
Hang-On / Astro WarriorMaster System1986
Hang-On / Safari HuntMaster System1986
Heavyweight ChampMaster System1990
Joe Montana FootballMaster System1990
KenseidenMaster Systemarticle1988
King's Quest: Quest for the CrownMaster System1989
Kung Fu KidMaster Systemarticle1987
Lord of the SwordMaster Systemarticle1989
Marksman Shooting & Trap ShootingMaster System1986
Maze Hunter 3DMaster System1988
Michael Jackson's MoonwalkerMaster System1991
Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark LordMaster System1988
Missile Defense 3-DMaster System1987
MonopolyMaster System1988
Montezuma's RevengeMaster System1989
OutRunMaster System1987
PaperboyMaster System1990
Parlour GamesMaster System1988
Penguin LandMaster System1988
Phantasy StarMaster System1988
Poseidon Wars 3DMaster System1989
Power StrikeMaster System1988
Pro WrestlingMaster System1986
Psycho FoxMaster System1990
QuartetMaster Systemarticle1987
R-TypeMaster System1988
R.C. Grand PrixMaster System1990
Rambo IIIMaster System1988
Rambo: First Blood Part IIMaster System1986
RampageMaster System1989
RastanMaster System1989
Reggie Jackson BaseballMaster System1989
Rescue MissionMaster System1988
RockyMaster System1987
Safari HuntMaster System1986
SDI: Strategic Defense InitiativeMaster System1988
ShanghaiMaster System1988
ShinobiMaster System1988
Shooting GalleryMaster System1987
Slap ShotMaster System1990
Snail MazeMaster System1986
Sonic the HedgehogMaster System1991
Space HarrierMaster System1987
Space Harrier 3DMaster System1988
SpellCasterMaster System1989
Spider-Man vs. The KingpinMaster System1991
Sports Pad FootballMaster System1987
StriderMaster System1991
Super Monaco GPMaster System1990
The NinjaMaster System1986
Thunder BladeMaster System1988
Time SoldiersMaster System1989
VigilanteMaster System1989
Walter Payton FootballMaster System1989
WantedMaster System1989
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?Master System1988
Wonder BoyMaster System1987
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's TrapMaster System1989
Wonder Boy in Monster LandMaster System1988
World Grand PrixMaster System1986
Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished OmenMaster System1989
Zaxxon 3DMaster System1988
ZillionMaster System1987
Zillion II: The Tri FormationMaster System1988
2048Sega Genesis2014
3 Ninjas Kick BackSega Genesis1994
6-PakSega Genesis1995
688 Attack SubSega Genesis1991
A Dinosaur's TaleSega Genesis1993
Aaahh!!! Real MonstersSega Genesis1995
Action 52Sega Genesis1992
Aero the Acro-BatSega Genesis1993
Aero the Acro-Bat 2Sega Genesis1995
AerobizSega Genesis1992
Aerobiz SupersonicSega Genesis1995
After Burner IISega Genesis1990
Air BusterSega Genesis1991
Air DiverSega Genesis1990
Al Michaels Announces HardBall IIISega Genesis1993
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted CastleSega Genesis1990
Alien 3Sega Genesis1992
Alien StormSega Genesis1991
Alisia DragoonSega Genesisarticle871992
Altered BeastSega Genesisarticle1989
American GladiatorsSega Genesis1993
Andre Agassi TennisSega Genesis1992
AnimaniacsSega Genesis1994
Another WorldSega Genesis1993
Arcade ClassicsSega Genesis1996
Arch RivalsSega Genesis1992
Arcus OdysseySega Genesis1991
Ariel the Little MermaidSega Genesis1992
Arnold Palmer Tournament GolfSega Genesis1989
Arrow FlashSega Genesis1991
Art Alive!Sega Genesis1991
Art of FightingSega Genesis1994
Astérix and the Great RescueSega Genesis1994
Atomic Robo-KidSega Genesis1991
Atomic RunnerSega Genesis1992
ATP Tour Championship TennisSega Genesis1995
Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt!Sega Genesis1993
AWS Pro Moves SoccerSega Genesis1993
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP IISega Genesis1992
B.O.B.Sega Genesis1993
Back to the Future Part IIISega Genesisarticle771991
Ballz 3DSega Genesis1994
Barbie Super ModelSega Genesis1993
Barkley Shut Up and Jam 2Sega Genesis1995
Barkley Shut Up and Jam!Sega Genesis1994
Barney's Hide & Seek GameSega Genesisarticle1993
Bass Masters ClassicSega Genesis1995
Bass Masters Classic: Pro EditionSega Genesis1996
BatmanSega Genesis1991
Batman ForeverSega Genesis1995
Batman ReturnsSega Genesis1992
Batman: Revenge of The JokerSega Genesis1992
Battle SquadronSega Genesis1990
BattlemasterSega Genesis1991
Battletech: A Game of Armored CombatSega Genesis1994
BattletoadsSega Genesis1993
Battletoads/Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamSega Genesis1993
Beast WrestlerSega Genesis1992
Beauty and the Beast: Belle's QuestSega Genesis1993
Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the BeastSega Genesis1993
Beavis and Butt-HeadSega Genesis1994
Best of the Best: Championship KarateSega Genesis1993
Beyond OasisSega Genesis1995
Bible AdventuresSega Genesis1995
Bill Walsh College FootballSega Genesis1993
Bill Walsh College Football '95Sega Genesis1994
Bimini RunSega Genesis1991
Bio-Hazard BattleSega Genesisarticle881992
Blades of VengeanceSega Genesis1993
Blaster Master 2Sega Genesis1993
Blockbuster World Video Game Championship IISega Genesis1995
BlockoutSega Genesis1991
Blow 'em OutSega Genesis2016
Bonanza Bros.Sega Genesis1991
BonkersSega Genesis1994
Boogerman: A Pick and Flick AdventureSega Genesis1994
Boxing Legends of The RingSega Genesis1993
Bram Stoker's DraculaSega Genesis1993
Brett Hull Hockey '95Sega Genesis1994
Brutal: Paws of FurySega Genesis1994
Bubba 'N' StixSega Genesis1994
Bubble and SqueakSega Genesis1994
Bubsy IISega Genesis1994
Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred KindSega Genesis1993
Buck Rogers: Countdown to DoomsdaySega Genesis1991
Budokan: The Martial SpiritSega Genesis1990
Bugs Bunny in Double TroubleSega Genesis1996
Bulls versus Blazers and the NBA PlayoffsSega Genesis1993
Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA PlayoffsSega Genesis1992
Burning ForceSega Genesis1990
CadashSega Genesis1992
Caesars PalaceSega Genesis1994
Cal Ripken Jr. BaseballSega Genesis1992
Caliber.50Sega Genesis1991
California GamesSega Genesis1992
Captain America and the AvengersSega Genesis1992
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey MouseSega Genesisarticle951990
Castlevania: BloodlinesSega Genesis1993
Centurion: Defender of RomeSega Genesis1991
ChakanSega Genesis1992
Champions World Class SoccerSega Genesis1994
Championship BowlingSega Genesis1993
Championship PoolSega Genesis1994
Championship Pro-AmSega Genesis1992
Chase H.Q. IISega Genesis1993
Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to FoolSega Genesis1993
Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild QuestSega Genesis1994
Chi Chi's Pro Challenge GolfSega Genesis1993
Chiki Chiki BoysSega Genesisarticle851993
Chuck RockSega Genesis1991
Chuck Rock II: Son of ChuckSega Genesis1993
ClayFighterSega Genesis1994
CliffhangerSega Genesis1993
ClueSega Genesis1992
Coach K College BasketballSega Genesis1995
Code EliminatorSega Genesis2015
College Football USA 96Sega Genesis1995
College Football USA 97Sega Genesis1996
College Football's National ChampionshipSega Genesis1994
College Football's National Championship IISega Genesis1995
College SlamSega Genesis1996
ColumnsSega Genesisarticle1990
Columns III: Revenge of ColumnsSega Genesis1994
Combat CarsSega Genesis1994
Comix ZoneSega Genesis1995
Contra: Hard CorpsSega Genesis1994
Cool SpotSega Genesis1993
CorporationSega Genesis1992
Cosmic SpaceheadSega Genesis1993
Crack DownSega Genesis1991
Cross FireSega Genesis1991
Crusader of CentySega Genesis1995
Crystal's Pony TaleSega Genesisarticle1994
Crüe BallSega Genesis1992
Cutthroat IslandSega Genesis1995
CyberBallSega Genesis1990
Cyborg JusticeSega Genesis1993
Darius IISega Genesis1991
Dark CastleSega Genesis1991
Dashin' DesperadoesSega Genesis1993
David Crane's Amazing TennisSega Genesis1993
David Robinson's Supreme CourtSega Genesis1992
Davis Cup TennisSega Genesis1993
Deadly MovesSega Genesis1992
Death DuelSega Genesis1992
Decap AttackSega Genesis1991
Demolition ManSega Genesis1995
Desert Demolition Starring Road Runner and Wile E. CoyoteSega Genesis1995
Desert Strike: Return to the GulfSega Genesisarticle941992
Devilish: The Next PossessionSega Genesis1992
Dick TracySega Genesis1991
Dick Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College HoopsSega Genesis1994
Dino LandSega Genesis1991
Dinosaurs for HireSega Genesis1993
DJ BoySega Genesis1990
Doom TroopersSega Genesis1995
Double DragonSega Genesis1992
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta StoneSega Genesis1993
Double Dragon V: The Shadow FallsSega Genesis1994
Double Dribble: The Playoff EditionSega Genesis1994
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean MachineSega Genesis1993
Dragon's FurySega Genesisarticle921992
Dragon's RevengeSega Genesis1993
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StorySega Genesis1995
Dune II: Battle for ArrakisSega Genesis1994
Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal SunSega Genesis1992
Dynamite DukeSega Genesis1990
Dynamite HeaddySega Genesis1994
Earnest EvansSega Genesis1992
Earth DefenseSega Genesis1995
Earthworm JimSega Genesis1994
Earthworm Jim 2Sega Genesis1995
Ecco Jr.Sega Genesis1995
Ecco the DolphinSega Genesis1992
Ecco: The Tides of TimeSega Genesis1994
El VientoSega Genesis1991
Elemental MasterSega Genesis1993
ESPN Baseball TonightSega Genesis1994
ESPN National Hockey NightSega Genesis1994
ESPN SpeedworldSega Genesis1994
ESPN Sunday Night NFLSega Genesis1994
ESWAT: City Under SiegeSega Genesis1990
Eternal ChampionsSega Genesis1993
Evander Holyfield's "Real Deal" BoxingSega Genesis1992
Ex-MutantsSega Genesis1992
ExileSega Genesis1992
Exodus: Journey to the Promised LandSega Genesis1993
ExoSquadSega Genesis1995
F-117 Night StormSega Genesis1993
F-15 Strike Eagle IISega Genesis1993
F-22 Interceptor: Advanced Tactical FighterSega Genesis1991
F1Sega Genesis1993
Family FeudSega Genesis1994
FantasiaSega Genesisarticle611991
Fantastic DizzySega Genesis1993
Fatal FurySega Genesis1993
Fatal Fury 2Sega Genesis1994
Fatal LabyrinthSega Genesis1991
Fatal RewindSega Genesis1991
Ferrari Grand Prix ChallengeSega Genesis1992
Fever Pitch SoccerSega Genesis1995
FIFA 97: Gold EditionSega Genesis1996
FIFA International SoccerSega Genesis1993
FIFA Soccer 95Sega Genesis1994
FIFA Soccer 96Sega Genesis1995
Fighting MastersSega Genesis1992
Final ZoneSega Genesis1990
FlashbackSega Genesis1993
FlickySega Genesis1991
Foreman for RealSega Genesis1995
Forgotten WorldsSega Genesis1989
Frank Thomas Big Hurt BaseballSega Genesis1995
FroggerSega Genesisarticle1998
Fun 'n' GamesSega Genesis1993
Funny World & Balloon BoySega Genesis1993
G-LOC: Air BattleSega Genesis1993
GaiaresSega Genesis1991
Gain GroundSega Genesis1991
GalahadSega Genesis1992
Galaxy Force IISega Genesis1992
Garfield: Caught in the ActSega Genesis1995
GargoylesSega Genesis1995
Garry Kitchen's Super Battletank: War in the GulfSega Genesis1992
Gauntlet IVSega Genesis1993
GemfireSega Genesis1992
General ChaosSega Genesis1993
Generations LostSega Genesis1994
Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray WolfSega Genesis1993
George Foreman's KO BoxingSega Genesis1993
Germ SquashersSega Genesis2016
GhostbustersSega Genesisarticle801990
Ghouls'n GhostsSega Genesisarticle921989
GodsSega Genesis1992
Golden AxeSega Genesisarticle911990
Golden Axe IISega Genesisarticle691992
Goofy's Hysterical History TourSega Genesis1994
GranadaSega Genesis1990
GrandSlam: The Tennis Tournament '92Sega Genesis1992
Greatest HeavyweightsSega Genesis1993
Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude!Sega Genesisarticle491992
Grind StormerSega Genesis1994
GrowlSega Genesis1991
Gunstar HeroesSega Genesisarticle931993
Hangman SGSega Genesis2011
Hard Drivin'Sega Genesis1990
HardBall '94Sega Genesis1994
HardBall '95Sega Genesis1995
HardBall!Sega Genesis1991
Haunting Starring PolterguySega Genesis1993
Heavy NovaSega Genesis1991
Herzog ZweiSega Genesis1990
High Seas HavocSega Genesis1994
Hit the IceSega Genesis1993
Home AloneSega Genesis1992
Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkSega Genesis1993
HookSega Genesis1993
IMG International Tour TennisSega Genesis1994
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeSega Genesis1992
Insector XSega Genesis1990
Instruments of Chaos Starring Young Indiana JonesSega Genesis1993
Ishido: The Way of StonesSega Genesis1990
Izzy's Quest for the Olympic RingsSega Genesis1995
Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge GolfSega Genesis1993
James :qm:Buster:qm: Douglas Knockout BoxingSega Genesis1990
James Bond 007: The DuelSega Genesis1993
James Pond 3: Operation StarfishSega Genesis1993
James Pond II: Codename RoboCodSega Genesis1991
James Pond: Underwater AgentSega Genesis1991
JammitSega Genesis1994
Jeopardy!Sega Genesis1993
Jeopardy! Deluxe EditionSega Genesis1994
Jeopardy! Sports EditionSega Genesis1994
Jerry Glanville's Pigskin FootbrawlSega Genesis1992
Jewel MasterSega Genesis1991
Joe & MacSega Genesis1994
Joe Montana FootballSega Genesis1991
Joe Montana II Sports Talk FootballSega Genesis1991
John Madden FootballSega Genesis1990
John Madden Football '93Sega Genesis1992
John Madden Football '92Sega Genesis1991
John Madden Football: Championship EditionSega Genesis1992
Jordan vs BirdSega Genesis1992
Judge DreddSega Genesis1995
JunctionSega Genesis1991
Jungle Strike: The Sequel to Desert StrikeSega Genesis1993
Jurassic ParkSega Genesis1993
Jurassic Park: Rampage EditionSega Genesis1994
Justice League Task ForceSega Genesis1995
Ka-Ge-KiSega Genesis1991
Kawasaki Superbike ChallengeSega Genesis1994
Kid ChameleonSega Genesis1992
King of the MonstersSega Genesis1993
King of the Monsters 2Sega Genesis1994
King SalmonSega Genesis1992
King's Bounty: The Conqueror's QuestSega Genesis1991
KlaxSega Genesis1990
Krusty's Fun HouseSega Genesis1992
La Russa Baseball 95Sega Genesis1994
Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA PlayoffsSega Genesis1990
Landstalker: The Treasures of King NoleSega Genesis1993
Last Action HeroSega Genesis1993
Last BattleSega Genesis1989
LemmingsSega Genesis1992
Lemmings 2: The TribesSega Genesis1994
Lethal EnforcersSega Genesis1993
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun FightersSega Genesis1994
LHX Attack ChopperSega Genesis1992
Liberty or DeathSega Genesis1994
Light CrusaderSega Genesis1995
Lightening Force: Quest for the DarkstarSega Genesis1992
Lotus II: RECSSega Genesis1993
Lotus Turbo ChallengeSega Genesis1992
Madden NFL '94Sega Genesis1993
Madden NFL '95Sega Genesis1994
Madden NFL 96Sega Genesis1995
Madden NFL 97Sega Genesis1996
Madden NFL 98Sega Genesis1997
Mallet LegendSega Genesis1993
Marble MadnessSega Genesis1991
Mario Andretti RacingSega Genesis1994
Mario Lemieux HockeySega Genesis1991
Marko's Magic FootballSega Genesis1994
MarsupilamiSega Genesis1996
Marvel LandSega Genesis1991
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinSega Genesis1994
Master of MonstersSega Genesis1991
Math Blaster: Episode 1Sega Genesis1994
Mazin Saga: Mutant FighterSega Genesis1993
McDonald's Treasure Land AdventureSega Genesis1993
Mega BombermanSega Genesisarticle941995
Mega Games ISega Genesis1993
Mega TurricanSega Genesis1994
Menacer 6-Game CartridgeSega Genesis1992
MercsSega Genesis1991
Michael Jackson's MoonwalkerSega Genesis1990
Mick & Mack as the Global GladiatorsSega Genesis1992
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey MouseSega Genesis1994
Mickey's Ultimate ChallengeSega Genesis1994
Micro MachinesSega Genesis1993
Midnight ResistanceSega Genesis1991
MiG-29 Fighter PilotSega Genesis1993
Might and Magic: Gates to Another WorldSega Genesis1991
Mighty Morphin Power RangersSega Genesis1994
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The MovieSega Genesis1995
Mike Ditka Power FootballSega Genesis1991
Minnesota Fats: Pool LegendSega Genesis1995
MLBPA BaseballSega Genesis1994
MonopolySega Genesis1992
Mortal KombatSega Genesis1993
Mortal Kombat 3Sega Genesis1995
Mortal Kombat IISega Genesisarticle1994
Ms. Pac-ManSega Genesis1991
Muhammad Ali Heavyweight BoxingSega Genesis1992
Mutant League FootballSega Genesis1993
Mutant League HockeySega Genesis1994
Mystic DefenderSega Genesis1989
Mystical FighterSega Genesis1992
NBA Action '94Sega Genesis1994
NBA Action '95 Starring David RobinsonSega Genesis1995
NBA All-Star ChallengeSega Genesis1993
NBA Hang TimeSega Genesis1996
NBA JamSega Genesis1994
NBA Jam Tournament EditionSega Genesis1995
NBA Live 95Sega Genesis1994
NBA Live 96Sega Genesis1995
NBA Live 97Sega Genesis1996
NBA Live 98Sega Genesis1997
NBA Showdown '94Sega Genesis1994
NCAA Final Four BasketballSega Genesis1994
NCAA FootballSega Genesis1994
New HorizonsSega Genesis1994
Newman-Haas IndyCar Featuring Nigel MansellSega Genesis1994
NFL '95Sega Genesis1994
NFL 98Sega Genesis1997
NFL Football '94 Starring Joe MontanaSega Genesis1993
NFL Quarterback ClubSega Genesis1994
NFL Quarterback Club '96Sega Genesis1995
NFL Sports Talk Football '93 Starring Joe MontanaSega Genesis1992
NHL 95Sega Genesis1994
NHL 96Sega Genesis1995
NHL 97Sega Genesis1996
NHL 98Sega Genesis1997
NHL All-Star Hockey '95Sega Genesis1995
NHL HockeySega Genesis1991
NHL Hockey '94Sega Genesis1993
NHLPA HockeySega Genesis1994
NHLPA Hockey '93Sega Genesis1992
Nigel Mansell's World Championship RacingSega Genesis1993
No EscapeSega Genesis1994
Nobunaga's AmbitionSega Genesis1994
Normy's Beach Babe-O-RamaSega Genesis1994
Olympic GoldSega Genesis1992
Olympic Summer GamesSega Genesis1996
OnslaughtSega Genesis1991
Operation Europe: Path to Victory 1939-45Sega Genesis1994
Outback JoeySega Genesis1993
OutlanderSega Genesis1993
OutRunSega Genesis1991
OutRun 2019Sega Genesisarticle661993
OutRunnersSega Genesis1994
Outworld 2375 ADSega Genesis1994
P.T.O.: Pacific Theater of OperationsSega Genesis1993
Pac-AttackSega Genesis1994
Pac-Man 2: The New AdventuresSega Genesis1994
Pac-ManiaSega Genesis1991
PaperboySega Genesisarticle721992
Paperboy 2Sega Genesis1993
Pebble Beach Golf LinksSega Genesis1994
Pelé II: World Tournament SoccerSega Genesis1994
Pelé!Sega Genesis1993
Pete Sampras TennisSega Genesisarticle931994
PGA European TourSega Genesis1994
PGA Tour 96Sega Genesis1995
PGA Tour GolfSega Genesis1991
PGA Tour Golf IISega Genesis1993
PGA Tour Golf IISega Genesis1995
PGA Tour Golf IIISega Genesis1994
Phantasy Star IISega Genesis1990
Phantasy Star III: Generations of DoomSega Genesis1991
Phantasy Star IV: The End of the MillenniumSega Genesis1995
Phantom 2040Sega Genesis1995
PheliosSega Genesis1990
Pink Goes to HollywoodSega Genesis1993
PinocchioSega Genesis1996
Pirates! GoldSega Genesis1993
Pit-FighterSega Genesis1991
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureSega Genesis1994
PocahontasSega Genesis1996
PopulousSega Genesis1990
Power MongerSega Genesis1993
PowerballSega Genesis1991
Predator 2Sega Genesis1992
Primal RageSega Genesis1995
Prime Time NFL Football Starring Deion SandersSega Genesis1995
Prince of PersiaSega Genesis1994
Pro QuarterbackSega Genesis1992
PuggsySega Genesis1994
QuackShot Starring Donald DuckSega Genesis1991
Quad ChallengeSega Genesis1991
R.B.I. Baseball '93Sega Genesis1993
R.B.I. Baseball '94Sega Genesis1994
R.B.I. Baseball 3Sega Genesis1991
R.B.I. Baseball 4Sega Genesis1992
Race Drivin'Sega Genesis1993
Radical RexSega Genesis1995
Raiden TradSega Genesis1991
Rambo IIISega Genesis1989
RampartSega Genesis1992
Ranger-XSega Genesis1993
Rastan Saga IISega Genesis1991
Red ZoneSega Genesis1994
Revolution XSega Genesis1995
Richard Scarry's BusytownSega Genesis1994
Rings of PowerSega Genesis1992
RiskSega Genesis1994
Risky WoodsSega Genesis1992
RistarSega Genesis1995
Road BlastersSega Genesis1991
Road RashSega Genesis1991
Road Rash 3: Tour De ForceSega Genesis1995
Road Rash IISega Genesisarticle931992
RoboCop 3Sega Genesis1993
RoboCop Versus The TerminatorSega Genesis1994
Rock n' Roll RacingSega Genesis1994
Rocket Knight AdventuresSega Genesis1993
Roger Clemens' MVP BaseballSega Genesis1993
Rolling Thunder 2Sega Genesis1992
Rolling Thunder 3Sega Genesis1993
Rolo to the RescueSega Genesis1993
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IISega Genesis1992
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of DestinySega Genesis1994
Rugby World Cup 1995Sega Genesis1994
Saint SwordSega Genesis1991
Samurai ShodownSega Genesis1994
Saturday Night Slam MastersSega Genesis1994
Scholastic's The Magic School Bus: Space Exploration GameSega Genesis1995
Scooby-Doo MysterySega Genesis1995
SeaQuest DSVSega Genesis1995
Sesame Street Counting CafeSega Genesis1994
Shadow BlastersSega Genesis1990
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of ShinobiSega Genesisarticle1990
Shadow of the BeastSega Genesis1991
Shadow of the Beast IISega Genesis1992
ShadowrunSega Genesis1994
Shanghai II: Dragon's EyeSega Genesis1994
Shaq FuSega Genesis1994
Shining ForceSega Genesis1993
Shining Force IISega Genesis1994
Shining in the DarknessSega Genesis1991
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja MasterSega Genesisarticle891993
Shove It! ...The Warehouse GameSega Genesis1990
Side PocketSega Genesis1992
Skeleton KrewSega Genesis1995
Skitchin'Sega Genesis1994
Slaughter SportSega Genesis1991
Smash T.V.Sega Genesis1992
SocketSega Genesis1993
Sol-FeaceSega Genesis1992
Soldiers of FortuneSega Genesis1993
Sonic & KnucklesSega Genesisarticle851994
Sonic 3D BlastSega Genesis1996
Sonic ClassicsSega Genesis1997
Sonic the HedgehogSega Genesisarticle921991
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Sega Genesisarticle961992
Sonic the Hedgehog 3Sega Genesis1994
Sonic the Hedgehog SpinballSega Genesis1993
Sorcerer's KingdomSega Genesis1993
Space Harrier IISega Genesis1989
Space Invaders '91Sega Genesis1991
Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2Sega Genesis1994
Speedball 2: Brutal DeluxeSega Genesis1991
Spider-ManSega Genesis1995
Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's RevengeSega Genesis1993
Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum CarnageSega Genesis1994
Spider-Man vs. The KingpinSega Genesis1991
Spiritual WarfareSega Genesis1994
Splatterhouse 2Sega Genesisarticle1992
Splatterhouse 3Sega Genesis1993
Sports Talk BaseballSega Genesis1992
Spot Goes to HollywoodSega Genesis1995
Star ControlSega Genesis1991
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Crossroads of TimeSega Genesis1995
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Echoes from the PastSega Genesis1994
StarflightSega Genesis1991
StargateSega Genesis1995
Steel TalonsSega Genesis1992
StormlordSega Genesis1991
Street Fighter II': Special Champion EditionSega Genesisarticle981993
Street SmartSega Genesis1991
Streets of RageSega Genesisarticle901991
Streets of Rage 2Sega Genesis1992
Streets of Rage 3Sega Genesis1994
StriderSega Genesis1990
Strider IISega Genesis1993
Sub-TerraniaSega Genesis1994
Summer ChallengeSega Genesis1993
Sunset RidersSega Genesis1992
Super Baseball 2020Sega Genesis1993
Super Battleship: The Classic Naval Combat GameSega Genesis1994
Super Hang-OnSega Genesis1989
Super High ImpactSega Genesis1992
Super HydlideSega Genesis1990
Super LeagueSega Genesis1989
Super Monaco GPSega Genesis1990
Super Off RoadSega Genesis1993
Super Real BasketballSega Genesis1990
Super Street Fighter II: The New ChallengersSega Genesis1994
Super Thunder BladeSega Genesis1989
Super Volley BallSega Genesis1991
SupermanSega Genesis1992
Sword of SodanSega Genesis1990
Sword of VermilionSega Genesis1990
Syd of ValisSega Genesis1992
Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey CapersSega Genesis1994
SyndicateSega Genesis1994
T2: The Arcade GameSega Genesis1992
TaleSpinSega Genesis1992
Target EarthSega Genesis1990
Task Force Harrier EXSega Genesis1992
Taz in Escape from MarsSega Genesis1994
Taz-ManiaSega Genesis1992
Team USA BasketballSega Genesis1992
TechnoClashSega Genesis1993
TechnocopSega Genesisarticle1990
Tecmo Super BaseballSega Genesis1994
Tecmo Super BowlSega Genesis1993
Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special EditionSega Genesis1995
Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final EditionSega Genesis1995
Tecmo Super HockeySega Genesis1995
Tecmo Super NBA BasketballSega Genesis1993
Tecmo World Cup '92Sega Genesis1992
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone HeistSega Genesisarticle1992
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament FightersSega Genesis1993
Terminator 2: Judgment DaySega Genesis1993
The Addams FamilySega Genesis1993
The Adventures of Batman & RobinSega Genesis1995
The Adventures of Mighty MaxSega Genesis1995
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and FriendsSega Genesis1994
The Aquatic Games Starring James Pond and The AquabatsSega Genesis1992
The Berenstain Bears' Camping AdventureSega Genesis1994
The Death and Return of SupermanSega Genesis1995
The Duel: Test Drive IISega Genesis1992
The Faery Tale AdventureSega Genesis1991
The FlintstonesSega Genesis1993
The Gadget TwinsSega Genesis1992
The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & MinnieSega Genesisarticle661994
The Great Waldo SearchSega Genesis1992
The HumansSega Genesisarticle1992
The Incredible Crash DummiesSega Genesis1994
The Incredible HulkSega Genesis1994
The Jungle BookSega Genesisarticle751994
The Lawnmower ManSega Genesis1994
The Lion KingSega Genesis1994
The Lost VikingsSega Genesis1994
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkSega Genesis1997
The Miracle Piano Teaching SystemSega Genesis1992
The OozeSega Genesis1995
The PagemasterSega Genesis1994
The Pirates of Dark WaterSega Genesis1994
The PunisherSega Genesis1995
The Ren & Stimpy Show Presents Stimpy's InventionSega Genesis1993
The Revenge of ShinobiSega Genesis1989
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsSega Genesis1992
The Simpsons: Bart's NightmareSega Genesis1993
The Steel EmpireSega Genesis1992
The TerminatorSega Genesis1992
The TickSega Genesis1994
Theme ParkSega Genesis1995
Thomas the Tank Engine & FriendsSega Genesis1993
Thunder Force IISega Genesis1989
Thunder Force IIISega Genesis1990
Thunder FoxSega Genesis1991
Time KillersSega Genesis1996
TinheadSega Genesis1993
Tiny Toon Adventures: ACME All-StarsSega Genesis1994
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden TreasureSega Genesis1993
TNN Bass Tournament of ChampionsSega Genesis1994
TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament '96Sega Genesis1996
Todd's Adventures in Slime WorldSega Genesis1992
ToeJam & EarlSega Genesis1991
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on FunkotronSega Genesis1993
Toki: Going Ape SpitSega Genesis1992
Tom and Jerry: Frantic AnticsSega Genesis1993
Tony La Russa BaseballSega Genesis1993
Top Gear 2Sega Genesis1994
Toughman ContestSega Genesis1995
Toxic CrusadersSega Genesis1992
Toy StorySega Genesis1995
ToysSega Genesis1993
Trampoline Terror!Sega Genesis1990
TraysiaSega Genesis1992
Triple Play 96Sega Genesis1995
Triple Play: Gold EditionSega Genesis1996
Trouble ShooterSega Genesis1991
Troy Aikman NFL FootballSega Genesis1994
True LiesSega Genesis1995
TurricanSega Genesis1991
Twin CobraSega Genesis1991
Two Crude DudesSega Genesis1992
Tyrants: Fight Through TimeSega Genesis1993
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Sega Genesis1996
Ultimate QixSega Genesis1991
Uncharted WatersSega Genesis1992
Universal SoldierSega Genesis1992
Unnecessary Roughness '95Sega Genesis1994
Urban StrikeSega Genesis1994
Valis IIISega Genesis1991
Valis: The Fantasm SoldierSega Genesis1991
Vapor Trail: Hyper Offence FormationSega Genesis1991
VectormanSega Genesis1995
Vectorman 2Sega Genesis1996
Venom - Spider-Man: Separation AnxietySega Genesis1995
ViewpointSega Genesis1994
Virtua Fighter 2Sega Genesis1996
Virtua RacingSega Genesis1994
Virtual BartSega Genesis1994
Virtual PinballSega Genesis1993
VR TroopersSega Genesis1995
Wacky WorldsSega Genesis1994
WardnerSega Genesis1991
WarlockSega Genesis1995
WarpSpeedSega Genesis1993
Warrior of RomeSega Genesis1991
Warrior of Rome IISega Genesis1992
WarsongSega Genesis1992
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-StarsSega Genesis1995
Wayne's WorldSega Genesis1993
WeaponlordSega Genesis1995
Wheel of FortuneSega Genesis1992
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?Sega Genesis1992
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?Sega Genesis1992
Whip RushSega Genesis1990
Will Harvey Presents The ImmortalSega Genesis1991
Williams Arcade's Greatest HitsSega Genesis1996
Wimbledon Championship TennisSega Genesis1993
Wings of WorSega Genesis1991
Winter ChallengeSega Genesis1992
Winter OlympicsSega Genesis1993
Wiz 'n' LizSega Genesisarticle851994
WolfchildSega Genesis1993
Wolverine: Adamantium RageSega Genesis1994
Wonder Boy in Monster WorldSega Genesis1992
Wonder LibrarySega Genesis1995
World Championship SoccerSega Genesisarticle1989
World Championship Soccer IISega Genesis1994
World Class Leaderboard GolfSega Genesis1992
World Cup USA 94Sega Genesis1994
World HeroesSega Genesisarticle1994
World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald DuckSega Genesis1993
World Series BaseballSega Genesis1994
World Series Baseball '95Sega Genesis1995
World Series Baseball '96Sega Genesis1996
World Series Baseball 98Sega Genesis1997
World Trophy SoccerSega Genesis1992
WWF RawSega Genesis1994
WWF Royal RumbleSega Genesis1993
WWF Super WrestleManiaSega Genesis1992
WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade GameSega Genesis1995
X-MenSega Genesis1993
X-Men 2: Clone WarsSega Genesis1995
X-PertsSega Genesis1996
Ys III: Wanderers from YsSega Genesis1991
Zany GolfSega Genesis1990
Zero the Kamikaze SquirrelSega Genesis1994
Zero ToleranceSega Genesis1994
Zombies Ate My NeighborsSega Genesis1993
Zool: Ninja of the Nth DimensionSega Genesis1994
Zoom!Sega Genesis1990
Zooming Secretary: Going PanicSega Genesis2018
ZoopSega Genesis1995
3 Ninjas Kick Back / HookSega CD1994
A/X-101Sega CD1994
After Burner IIISega CD1993
Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-ArmSega CD1994
Batman ReturnsSega CD1993
BattlecorpsSega CD1994
BC RacersSega CD1995
Bill Walsh College FootballSega CD1993
Black Hole AssaultSega CD1992
BouncersSega CD1994
Bram Stoker's DraculaSega CD1993
Brutal: Paws of FurySega CD1994
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second CataclysmSega CD1994
Chuck RockSega CD1992
Chuck Rock II: Son of ChuckSega CD1993
CliffhangerSega CD1993
Cobra CommandSega CD1992
Code EliminatorSega CD2015
Compton's Interactive EncyclopediaSega CD1994
Corpse KillerSega CD1994
Crime PatrolSega CD1994
Dark WizardSega CD1994
Demolition ManSega CD1995
Double SwitchSega CD1993
Dracula UnleashedSega CD1993
Dragon's LairSega CDarticle671993
DuneSega CD1993
Dungeon ExplorerSega CD1995
Dungeon Master II: SkullkeepSega CD1994
Earthworm Jim: Special EditionSega CD1995
Ecco the DolphinSega CD1993
Ecco: The Tides of TimeSega CD1994
ESPN Baseball TonightSega CD1994
ESPN National Hockey NightSega CD1994
ESPN NBA Hangtime '95Sega CD1994
ESPN Sunday Night NFLSega CD1994
Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark SideSega CD1995
Eye of the BeholderSega CD1994
FahrenheitSega CD1995
Fatal Fury SpecialSega CD1995
FIFA International SoccerSega CD1994
Final Fight CDSega CD1993
FlashbackSega CD1994
Formula One World Championship: Beyond the LimitSega CD1994
Ground Zero TexasSega CD1993
Heart of the Alien: Out of this World Parts I and IISega CD1994
HeimdallSega CD1994
HookSega CD1993
INXSSega CD1993
Iron HelixSega CD1994
Jaguar XJ220Sega CD1993
Jeopardy!Sega CD1994
Joe Montana's NFL FootballSega CD1993
Jurassic ParkSega CD1993
Keio Flying SquadronSega CD1995
Kids on SiteSega CD1994
Kris KrossSega CD1992
Lethal EnforcersSega CD1993
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun FightersSega CD1994
Links: The Challenge of GolfSega CD1994
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully BodineSega CD1994
Lords of ThunderSega CD1995
Lunar: Eternal BlueSega CD1995
Lunar: The Silver StarSega CD1993
Mad Dog II: The Lost GoldSega CD1994
Mad Dog McCreeSega CD1993
Mansion of Hidden SoulsSega CD1994
Marky Mark and the Funky BunchSega CD1993
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein / Bram Stoker's DraculaSega CD1994
MegaRaceSega CD1994
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey MouseSega CD1994
MicrocosmSega CD1994
Midnight RaidersSega CD1994
Mighty Morphin Power RangersSega CD1994
Mortal KombatSega CD1994
My Paint: The Animated Paint ProgramSega CD1994
NBA JamSega CD1994
NFL Football Trivia ChallengeSega CD1994
NFL's Greatest: San Francisco vs. Dallas 1978-1993Sega CD1993
NHL Hockey '94Sega CD1993
Night TrapSega CD1992
NovastormSega CD1995
Panic!Sega CD1994
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureSega CD1994
Popful MailSega CD1995
Power Factory Featuring C+C Music FactorySega CD1993
Power MongerSega CD1994
Prince of PersiaSega CD1992
Prize FighterSega CD1993
PuggsySega CD1994
Racing AcesSega CD1993
Radical RexSega CD1994
RDF: Global ConflictSega CD1994
Revenge of the NinjaSega CD1994
Revengers of VengeanceSega CD1994
Rise of the DragonSega CD1994
Road AvengerSega CD1993
Road RashSega CD1995
Robo AlesteSega CD1993
Samurai ShodownSega CD1995
Sega Classics Arcade CollectionSega CD1992
Sensible SoccerSega CD1994
Sewer SharkSega CD1992
Shadow of the Beast IISega CD1994
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. ISega CD1992
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. IISega CD1993
Shining Force CDSega CD1995
SilpheedSega CDarticle901993
Slam City with Scottie PippenSega CD1994
SnatcherSega CD1994
Sol-FeaceSega CD1992
Sonic the Hedgehog CDSega CDarticle831993
Soul StarSega CD1994
Space AceSega CD1994
Spider-Man vs. The KingpinSega CD1993
StarBladeSega CD1994
Stellar-FireSega CD1993
Supreme WarriorSega CD1994
Surgical StrikeSega CD1995
The Adventures of Batman & RobinSega CD1995
The Adventures of Willy BeamishSega CD1993
The Colors of Modern RockSega CD1993
The Lawnmower ManSega CD1994
The Masked Rider: Kamen Rider ZOSega CD1994
The Misadventures of FlinkSega CD1995
The San Diego Zoo Presents... The Animals!Sega CD1994
The Software Toolworks' Star Wars ChessSega CD1994
The Space AdventureSega CD1995
The TerminatorSega CD1993
The Third World WarSega CD1994
ThunderhawkSega CD1993
Time GalSega CD1993
Tomcat AlleySega CD1994
Trivial Pursuit: Interactive Multimedia GameSega CD1994
Ultraverse Prime / MicrocosmSega CD1994
VaySega CD1994
Wheel of FortuneSega CD1994
Who Shot Johnny Rock?Sega CD1994
Wild WoodySega CD1995
Wing CommanderSega CD1994
WireheadSega CD1995
WolfchildSega CD1992
Wonder DogSega CD1992
World Cup USA 94Sega CD1994
WWF Rage in the CageSega CD1993
3 Free Games With Purchase of Sega SaturnSega Saturn1996
3D BaseballSega Saturn1996
Actua GolfSega Saturn1996
Albert Odyssey: Legend of EldeanSega Saturn1997
Alien TrilogySega Saturn1996
All-Star Baseball 1997 Featuring Frank ThomasSega Saturn1997
Alone in the Dark: One-Eyed Jack's RevengeSega Saturn1996
AMOKSega Saturn1997
Andretti RacingSega Saturn1996
Area 51Sega Saturn1996
AstalSega Saturn1995
Baku Baku AnimalSega Saturn1996
Bases Loaded '96: Double HeaderSega Saturn1996
Batman ForeverSega Saturn1996
Battle Arena Toshinden RemixSega Saturn1996
Battle Arena Toshinden URASega Saturn1996
Battle MonstersSega Saturn1996
Battle StationsSega Saturn1997
BattleSportSega Saturn1997
Black DawnSega Saturn1997
Black FireSega Saturn1995
Blam! MachineheadSega Saturn1996
Blast ChamberSega Saturn1996
Blazing DragonsSega Saturn1996
Blazing HeroesSega Saturn1995
Bottom of the 9thSega Saturn1996
Brain Dead 13Sega Saturn1996
Break PointSega Saturn1996
Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow IslandsSega Saturn1996
Bug Too!Sega Saturn1996
Bug!Sega Saturn1995
Burning RangersSega Saturn1998
Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade EditionSega Saturn1996
Bust-A-Move 3Sega Saturn1997
CasperSega Saturn1996
Center Ring BoxingSega Saturn1995
Christmas NiGHTS into DreamsSega Saturn1996
Cleaning Kit for Sega SaturnSega Saturn1995
Clockwork KnightSega Saturn1995
Clockwork Knight 2Sega Saturn1996
College SlamSega Saturn1996
Command & ConquerSega Saturn1996
Congo the Movie: The Lost City of ZinjSega Saturn1996
Contra: Legacy of WarSega Saturn1997
Corpse KillerSega Saturn1995
Courier CrisisSega Saturn1997
Creature Shock: Special EditionSega Saturn1996
CrimewaveSega Saturn1997
CriticomSega Saturn1996
Croc: Legend of the GobbosSega Saturn1997
Crusader: No RemorseSega Saturn1996
Crypt KillerSega Saturn1997
Cyber SpeedwaySega Saturn1995
Cyber Troopers Virtual-OnSega Saturn1996
CyberiaSega Saturn1996
DSega Saturn1996
Darius GaidenSega Saturn1996
Dark SaviorSega Saturn1996
Darklight ConflictSega Saturn1997
Daytona USASega Saturn1995
Daytona USA: Championship Circuit EditionSega Saturn1996
DecathleteSega Saturn1996
Defcon 5Sega Saturn1996
Die Hard ArcadeSega Saturn1997
Die Hard TrilogySega Saturn1997
DoomSega Saturn1997
Double SwitchSega Saturn1995
Dragon ForceSega Saturn1996
Dragonheart: Fire & SteelSega Saturn1996
Duke Nukem 3DSega Saturn1997
Earthworm Jim 2Sega Saturn1996
Enemy ZeroSega Saturn1997
F1 ChallengeSega Saturn1996
FIFA Road to World Cup 98Sega Saturn1997
FIFA Soccer 96Sega Saturn1995
FIFA Soccer 97Sega Saturn1997
Fighters MegamixSega Saturn1997
Fighting VipersSega Saturn1996
Frank Thomas Big Hurt BaseballSega Saturn1996
Galactic AttackSega Saturn1995
Galaxy FightSega Saturn1996
GexSega Saturn1995
Ghen WarSega Saturn1995
Golden Axe: The DuelSega Saturn1996
Grand SlamSega Saturn1997
Grid RunnerSega Saturn1996
Guardian HeroesSega Saturnarticle931996
GungriffonSega Saturn1996
Hang-On GPSega Saturn1996
Heir of Zendor: The Legend and The LandSega Saturn1996
Herc's AdventuresSega Saturn1997
HexenSega Saturn1997
Hi-OctaneSega Saturn1995
High Velocity: Mountain Racing ChallengeSega Saturn1995
Highway 2000Sega Saturn1996
Hyper 3D PinballSega Saturn1996
Impact RacingSega Saturn1996
In the HuntSega Saturn1996
Independence DaySega Saturn1997
Iron Man/X-O Manowar in Heavy MetalSega Saturn1996
Iron StormSega Saturn1996
Johnny BazookatoneSega Saturn1996
Last BronxSega Saturn1997
Last GladiatorsSega Saturn1995
LoadedSega Saturn1996
LunacySega Saturn1997
Madden NFL 97Sega Saturn1996
Madden NFL 98Sega Saturn1997
Magic CarpetSega Saturn1996
Magic Knight RayearthSega Saturn1998
Manx TT Super BikeSega Saturn1997
Marvel Super HeroesSega Saturn1997
Mass DestructionSega Saturn1997
Maximum ForceSega Saturn1997
MechWarrior 2: 31st Century CombatSega Saturn1997
Mega Man 8Sega Saturn1997
Mega Man X4Sega Saturn1997
Midway Presents Arcade's Greatest HitsSega Saturn1996
Midway Presents Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1Sega Saturn1997
Minnesota Fats: Pool LegendSega Saturn1995
Mortal Kombat IISega Saturn1996
Mortal Kombat TrilogySega Saturn1997
Mr. BonesSega Saturn1996
MystSega Saturn1995
NASCAR 98Sega Saturn1997
NBA ActionSega Saturn1996
NBA Action 98Sega Saturn1997
NBA Jam ExtremeSega Saturn1996
NBA Jam Tournament EditionSega Saturn1995
NBA Live 97Sega Saturn1997
NBA Live 98Sega Saturn1997
NetLink Custom Web BrowserSega Saturn1996
NetLink Game PackSega Saturn1997
NFL '97Sega Saturn1996
NFL Quarterback Club '96Sega Saturn1996
NFL Quarterback Club '97Sega Saturn1996
NHL 97Sega Saturn1996
NHL 98Sega Saturn1998
NHL All-Star HockeySega Saturn1995
NHL All-Star Hockey 98Sega Saturn1997
NHL Powerplay '96Sega Saturn1996
Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' RevengeSega Saturn1996
NiGHTS into DreamsSega Saturn1996
Norse by Norsewest: The return of The Lost VikingsSega Saturn1997
Off-World Interceptor ExtremeSega Saturn1995
Olympic SoccerSega Saturn1996
Outlaws of the Lost DynastySega Saturn1995
Pacific Theater of Operations IISega Saturn1996
Pandemonium!Sega Saturn1997
Panzer DragoonSega Saturn1995
Panzer Dragoon SagaSega Saturn1998
Panzer Dragoon ZweiSega Saturn1996
Pebble Beach Golf LinksSega Saturn1995
PGA Tour 97Sega Saturn1996
PowerslaveSega Saturn1996
Primal RageSega Saturn1996
Pro-Pinball: The WebSega Saturn1996
QuakeSega Saturn1997
Quarterback Attack with Mike DitkaSega Saturn1995
Rampage World TourSega Saturn1997
RaymanSega Saturn1995
Resident EvilSega Saturn1997
Revolution XSega Saturn1996
Rise 2 ResurrectionSega Saturn1996
Road & Track Presents The Need for SpeedSega Saturn1996
Road RashSega Saturn1996
Robo PitSega Saturn1996
RoboticaSega Saturn1995
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of FireSega Saturn1995
Saturn BombermanSega Saturn1997
ScorcherSega Saturn1997
Scud: The Disposable AssassinSega Saturn1997
Sega AgesSega Saturn1997
Sega Rally ChampionshipSega Saturnarticle951995
Sega Rally Championship Plus NetLink EditionSega Saturn1997
Sega Touring Car ChampionshipSega Saturn1997
Sega Worldwide Soccer 97Sega Saturn1996
Sega Worldwide Soccer 98Sega Saturn1997
Shanghai: Triple-ThreatSega Saturn1995
ShellshockSega Saturn1996
Shining Force IIISega Saturn1998
Shining the Holy ArkSega Saturn1997
Shining WisdomSega Saturn1996
Shinobi LegionsSega Saturn1995
Shockwave AssaultSega Saturn1996
SimCity 2000Sega Saturn1995
Skeleton WarriorsSega Saturn1996
Sky TargetSega Saturn1997
Slam 'n Jam '96 Featuring Magic & KareemSega Saturn1996
Sonic 3D BlastSega Saturn1996
Sonic JamSega Saturn1997
Sonic RSega Saturn1997
Soviet StrikeSega Saturn1997
Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood AngelsSega Saturn1996
Space JamSega Saturn1996
Spot Goes to HollywoodSega Saturn1997
StarFighter 3000Sega Saturn1996
Steep Slope SlidersSega Saturn1997
Street Fighter Alpha 2Sega Saturn1996
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' DreamsSega Saturn1996
Street Fighter CollectionSega Saturn1997
Street Fighter: The MovieSega Saturn1995
Striker '96Sega Saturn1996
Super Puzzle Fighter II TurboSega Saturn1997
Tempest 2000Sega Saturn1996
Ten Pin AlleySega Saturn1997
Tetris PlusSega Saturn1996
The Crow: City of AngelsSega Saturn1997
The HordeSega Saturn1996
The House of the DeadSega Saturn1998
The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon SagaSega Saturn1997
The Legend of OasisSega Saturn1996
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkSega Saturn1997
The Mansion of Hidden SoulsSega Saturn1995
Theme ParkSega Saturn1995
Three Dirty DwarvesSega Saturn1996
Thunderstrike 2Sega Saturn1995
Time Warner Interactive's VR Virtua RacingSega Saturn1995
Titan WarsSega Saturn1995
TNN Motor Sports HardCore 4x4Sega Saturn1996
Tomb RaiderSega Saturn1996
True PinballSega Saturn1996
Tunnel B1Sega Saturn1997
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Sega Saturn1996
Valora Valley GolfSega Saturn1995
Virtua CopSega Saturn1995
Virtua Cop 2Sega Saturn1996
Virtua FighterSega Saturn1995
Virtua Fighter 2Sega Saturn1995
Virtua Fighter KidsSega Saturn1996
Virtua Fighter RemixSega Saturn1995
Virtual CasinoSega Saturn1996
Virtual HydlideSega Saturn1995
Virtual Open TennisSega Saturn1996
VR SoccerSega Saturn1996
Warcraft II: The Dark SagaSega Saturn1997
Wing ArmsSega Saturn1996
Winning Post EXSega Saturn1996
Winter HeatSega Saturn1998
WipeoutSega Saturn1996
World Cup Golf: Professional EditionSega Saturn1996
World Series BaseballSega Saturn1995
World Series Baseball 98Sega Saturn1997
World Series Baseball IISega Saturn1996
Worldwide Soccer: Sega International Victory Goal EditionSega Saturn1995
WormsSega Saturn1996
WWF In Your HouseSega Saturn1996
WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade GameSega Saturn1996
X-Men: Children of the AtomSega Saturn1996
After Burner CompleteGenesis 32X1995
BC RacersGenesis 32X1995
BlackthorneGenesis 32X1995
Brutal Unleashed: Above the ClawGenesis 32X1995
ChaotixGenesis 32Xarticle841995
Cosmic CarnageGenesis 32X1994
DoomGenesis 32X1994
Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred CouplesGenesis 32X1995
KolibriGenesis 32X1995
Metal HeadGenesis 32X1995
Mortal Kombat IIGenesis 32X1995
Motocross ChampionshipGenesis 32X1995
NBA Jam Tournament EditionGenesis 32X1995
NFL Quarterback ClubGenesis 32X1995
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureGenesis 32X1995
Primal RageGenesis 32X1995
RBI Baseball '95Genesis 32X1995
Shadow SquadronGenesis 32X1995
Space HarrierGenesis 32X1995
Spider-Man: Web of FireGenesis 32X1996
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge SimulatorGenesis 32X1995
Star Wars ArcadeGenesis 32X1994
T-MEKGenesis 32X1995
TempoGenesis 32X1995
Toughman ContestGenesis 32X1995
Virtua FighterGenesis 32X1995
Virtua Racing DeluxeGenesis 32Xarticle901994
World Series Baseball Starring Deion SandersGenesis 32X1996
WWF RawGenesis 32X1995
WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade GameGenesis 32X1995
Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000Genesis 32X1995
18 Wheeler: American Pro TruckerDreamcast2001
4 Wheel ThunderDreamcast2000
4x4 EvolutionDreamcast2000
AeroWings 2: AirstrikeDreamcast2000
Airforce DeltaDreamcast1999
Alien Front OnlineDreamcast2001
Alone in the Dark: The New NightmareDreamcast2001
Army Men: Sarge's HeroesDreamcast2000
Atari Anniversary EditionDreamcast2001
Bang! Gunship EliteDreamcast2000
Blue StingerDreamcast1999
Bomberman OnlineDreamcast2001
Bust-A-Move 4Dreamcast2000
Caesars Palace 2000: Millennium Gold EditionDreamcast2000
Cannon SpikeDreamcast2000
Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000Dreamcast2000
Championship SurferDreamcast2000
Charge 'N BlastDreamcast2001
Chicken RunDreamcast2000
ChuChu Rocket!Dreamcast2000
Coaster WorksDreamcast2001
Confidential MissionDreamcast2001
Conflict ZoneDreamcast2001
Crazy TaxiDreamcast2000
Crazy Taxi 2Dreamcast2001
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. Ver. 5.4Dreamcast2000
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMXDreamcast2000
Daytona USADreamcast2001
Dead or Alive 2Dreamcast2000
Death Crimson OXDreamcast2001
Deep FighterDreamcast2000
Demolition Racer: No ExitDreamcast2000
Dino CrisisDreamcast2000
Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the RescueDreamcast2000
Disney's DinosaurDreamcast2000
Disney's Donald Duck Quack AttackDreamcast2000
Disney/Pixar's Buzz Lightyear of Star CommandDreamcast2000
Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!Dreamcast2000
Draconus Cult of the WyrmDreamcast2000
Dragon Riders: Chronicles of PernDreamcast2001
Dreamcast Web BrowserDreamcast1999
Ducati World Racing ChallengeDreamcast2001
Dynamite CopDreamcast1999
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the FutureDreamcast2000
ECW Anarchy RulzDreamcast2000
ECW Hardcore RevolutionDreamcast2000
Elemental Gimmick GearDreamcast1999
ESPN International Track & FieldDreamcast2000
ESPN NBA 2NightDreamcast2000
Evil Dead: Hail to the KingDreamcast2000
Evolution 2: Far Off PromiseDreamcast2000
Evolution: The World of Sacred DeviceDreamcast1999
F1 World Grand PrixDreamcast2000
F355 ChallengeDreamcast2000
Fatal Fury: Mark of the WolvesDreamcast2001
Fighting Force 2Dreamcast1999
Flag to FlagDreamcast1999
Floigan Bros. Episode 1Dreamcast2001
Frogger 2: Swampy's RevengeDreamcast2000
Fur FightersDreamcast2000
Gauntlet LegendsDreamcast2000
Giga WingDreamcast2000
Giga Wing 2Dreamcast2001
Grand Theft Auto 2Dreamcast2000
Grandia IIDreamcast2000
Gunbird 2Dreamcast2000
Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the AshesDreamcast2000
Heavy Metal GeomatrixDreamcast2001
Hidden & DangerousDreamcast2000
Hoyle CasinoDreamcast2000
Hydro ThunderDreamcast1999
Industrial Spy: Operation EspionageDreamcast2000
Iron AcesDreamcast2001
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000Dreamcast2000
Jet Set RadioDreamcast2000
JoJo's Bizarre AdventureDreamcast2000
Kao the KangarooDreamcast2001
KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare ChildDreamcast2000
Legacy of Kain: Soul ReaverDreamcast2000
Looney Tunes: Space RaceDreamcast2000
MagForce RacingDreamcast2000
Maken XDreamcast2000
Mars MatrixDreamcast2001
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of HeroesDreamcast2000
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super HeroesDreamcast1999
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMXDreamcast2001
Max Steel Covert MissionsDreamcast2000
Maximum PoolDreamcast2000
MDK 2Dreamcast2000
Metropolis Street RacerDreamcast2001
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1Dreamcast2000
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 2Dreamcast2001
Monaco Grand PrixDreamcast1999
Mortal Kombat GoldDreamcast1999
Mr. DrillerDreamcast2000
Ms. Pac-Man Maze MadnessDreamcast2000
MTV Sports: Skateboarding Featuring Andy MacdonaldDreamcast2000
Namco MuseumDreamcast2000
NBA 2KDreamcast1999
NBA 2K1Dreamcast2000
NBA 2K2Dreamcast2001
NBA HoopzDreamcast2001
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBCDreamcast1999
NCAA College Football 2K2Dreamcast2001
NFL 2KDreamcast1999
NFL 2K1Dreamcast2000
NFL 2K2Dreamcast2001
NFL Blitz 2000Dreamcast1999
NFL Blitz 2001Dreamcast2000
NFL QB Club 2001Dreamcast2000
NFL Quarterback Club 2000Dreamcast1999
NHL 2KDreamcast2000
NHL 2K2Dreamcast2002
Nightmare Creatures IIDreamcast2000
Omikron: The Nomad SoulDreamcast2000
Ooga BoogaDreamcast2001
Pen Pen TriIceLonDreamcast1999
Phantasy Star OnlineDreamcast2001
Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2Dreamcast2001
Plasma Sword: Nightmare of BilsteinDreamcast2000
POD SpeedZoneDreamcast2000
Power StoneDreamcast1999
Power Stone 2Dreamcast2000
Prince of Persia: Arabian NightsDreamcast2000
Project JusticeDreamcast2001
Psychic Force 2012Dreamcast1999
Quake III ArenaDreamcast2000
Railroad Tycoon IIDreamcast2000
Rayman 2: The Great EscapeDreamcast2000
Razor Freestyle ScooterDreamcast2001
Ready 2 Rumble BoxingDreamcast1999
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2Dreamcast2000
Record of Lodoss WarDreamcast2001
Red Dog: Superior FirepowerDreamcast2000
Reel Fishing: WildDreamcast2001
Resident Evil 2Dreamcast2000
Resident Evil 3: NemesisDreamcast2000
Resident Evil Code: VeronicaDreamcast2000
Rippin' RidersDreamcast1999
Samba de AmigoDreamcast2000
San Francisco Rush 2049Dreamcast2000
Sega Bass FishingDreamcast1999
Sega Bass Fishing 2Dreamcast2001
Sega GTDreamcast2000
Sega Marine FishingDreamcast2000
Sega Rally 2Dreamcast1999
Sega Smash Pack Volume 1Dreamcast2001
Sega SwirlDreamcast2000
Seventh Cross EvolutionDreamcast1999
Shadow ManDreamcast1999
Silent ScopeDreamcast2000
Skies of ArcadiaDreamcast2000
Slave ZeroDreamcast1999
Sno-Cross Championship RacingDreamcast2000
Soldier of FortuneDreamcast2001
Sonic AdventureDreamcast1999
Sonic Adventure 2Dreamcast2001
Sonic ShuffleDreamcast2000
Soul FighterDreamcast1999
South Park RallyDreamcast2000
South Park: Chef's Luv ShackDreamcast1999
Space Channel 5Dreamcastarticle2000
Spawn: In the Demon's HandDreamcast2000
Spec Ops II: Omega SquadDreamcast2000
Speed DevilsDreamcast1999
Speed Devils Online RacingDreamcast2000
Spirit of Speed 1937Dreamcast2000
Sports JamDreamcast2001
Star Wars DemolitionDreamcast2000
Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power BattlesDreamcast2000
Star Wars: Episode I RacerDreamcast2000
Street Fighter Alpha 3Dreamcast2000
Street Fighter III: 3rd StrikeDreamcast2000
Street Fighter III: Double ImpactDreamcast2000
Striker Pro 2000Dreamcast2000
Stupid InvadersDreamcast2001
Super Magnetic NeoDreamcast2000
Super Runabout: San Francisco EditionDreamcast2000
Surf Rocket RacersDreamcast2001
Suzuki Alstare Extreme RacingDreamcast1999
Sword of the Berserk: Guts' RageDreamcast2000
Sydney 2000Dreamcast2000
Tech RomancerDreamcast2000
Tee OffDreamcast2000
Tennis 2K2Dreamcast2001
Test Drive 6Dreamcast1999
Test Drive Le MansDreamcast2000
Test Drive V-RallyDreamcast2000
The GrinchDreamcast2000
The House of the Dead 2Dreamcast1999
The King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999Dreamcast1999
The King of Fighters: EvolutionDreamcast2000
The Last Blade 2: Heart of the SamuraiDreamcast2001
The Next Tetris: On-Line EditionDreamcast2000
The Ring: Terror's RealmDreamcast2000
The Typing of the DeadDreamcast2001
Time StalkersDreamcast2000
TNN Motorsports Hardcore HeatDreamcast1999
Tokyo Xtreme RacerDreamcast1999
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2Dreamcast2000
Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixDreamcast2000
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Rogue SpearDreamcast2000
Tomb Raider: ChroniclesDreamcast2000
Tomb Raider: The Last RevelationDreamcast2000
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterDreamcast2000
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2Dreamcast2000
Toy CommanderDreamcast1999
Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipDreamcast2000
Unreal TournamentDreamcast2001
Urban ChaosDreamcast2000
Vanishing PointDreamcast2000
Vigilante 8: Second OffenseDreamcast1999
Virtua Athlete 2000Dreamcast2000
Virtua Fighter 3tbDreamcast1999
Virtua Striker 2 Ver. 2000.1Dreamcast2000
Virtua TennisDreamcast2000
Wacky RacesDreamcast2000
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing TourDreamcast2000
Who Wants to Beat Up a MillionaireDreamcast2000
Wild MetalDreamcast2000
World Series Baseball 2K1Dreamcast2000
World Series Baseball 2K2Dreamcast2001
Worms ArmageddonDreamcast1999
Worms World PartyDreamcast2001
WWF AttitudeDreamcast1999
WWF Royal RumbleDreamcast2000
Xtreme SportsDreamcast2000
Zombie RevengeDreamcast2000