Dragon’s Fury / Sega Genesis

  • Battle the dark forces of supernatural world in the ultimate video pinball game!
  • Prepare yourself for the most fantastic time of your life! The wildly careening chrome ball is your only weapon in a gothic chamber of horrors filled with sorcerors, skeletal undeads and other unearthly creatures. Incredible graphics paint three action-packed scrolling playfields as well as six awesome bonus rounds where you’ll battle dragons, vampire bats, live skulls and other evil monsters. Lose a ball and hear the chamber echo with taunting laughter. Do you have what it takes to score one billion points and defeat the Final Boss?


Mean Machines Magazine – Jul. 92

A remarkable “gothic” pinball sim that succeeds in every aspect. A must for all Megadrive owners!
  • OVERALL 92%



  • PLAYERS¬†1-2