Desert Strike – Return to the Gulf / Sega Genesis

  • With a fiery blast from your Hellfire missiles you must annihilate a ruthless tyrant’s military arsenal. Smoke his private yacht and tear into his air force as you challenge the Madman’s forces in a series of surgical strikes. Rip through 27 fiery missions. Force is highly recommended.
  • The Madman’s got his finger on the SCUD trigger! Annihilate his Scud launchers before their deadly cargo wreaks havoc on the Western World!
  • Battle the Madman’s military machine over land, air and sea. One well placed Hellfire could send the tyrant down with his ship.
  • Spearhead a rescue assault mission into Embassy City and break out American hostages being used as human shields!
  • Check out the on-board computer battle maps and satellite data for locations of enemy MIGs, SCUDS and dug-in tank encampments.


Mean Machines Magazine – Feb. 92

A brilliant, original Megadrive game that will keep blasting fans entertained for weeks. Grab it before it sells out.
  • OVERALL 94%