Bio Hazard Battle / Sega Genesis

  • Grotesque biological horrors terrorize the planet Avaron. Command Plasma Rings, Implosion Pods, and Seeker Lasers to blast mutoids into oblivion. Aim white-hot fireballs at mega amoebas and nuclear crabs. Cut down poisonous electro-worms and gut-grabbing insects.
  • Scream down cavernous mineshafts. Dive to the ocean floor. Pierce the defense of the Biowar Lab complex, piloting your ship to the lab’s core. There the unspeakable awaits.
  • * Battle awesome bio-beasts through 8 levels of stunning graphics and non-stop bone-rattling action!
  • * Choose between 4 Bioship fightercraft – each with 4 completely different weapons systems.
  • * Ingest Energy Seeds to power your ship and fight the horrors of a biogenetic nightmare.


Mean Machines Sega Magazine – Nov. 92

Rock hard blasting action that’s well worth buying.
  • OVERALL 88%